Medium Readings and Spiritual Info

Welcome to Wisdom In Light where you’ll find information on psychic and medium readings, spiritual topics, angels, crystals, energy healing, the paranormal and more. You can also find some downloadable classes, a link to purchase my book, and a mentorship program. I’ve “officially” been a medium for 10 years, but I’ve been communicating with spirit my whole life. I’ve learned from some amazing people and taken some amazing classes and I learn something new every day. My passion is Spirit Rescue, and I love teaching others and helping them fine tune and hone their abilities. I feel called to do this and my ultimate goal is to open a spiritual center in San Diego near the beach. I want it to be a place for all things spiritual where people can come to learn and grow in a safe environment. And if you live in San Diego, you can always schedule an in-person reading or session. So, look around, leave comments, let me know if you want information on something you don’t see here, and feel free to email me!

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